Name: Paul Cummings

Age: 38 

DOB: 22/04/1972 Bournemouth

Studio: at Unit 24 / 66 Norlington Road Leytonstone E10 6LA 

Residence: East End of London

Studio: Leytonstone E10

Paul graduated from Cheltenham University in 1999 with a BA Honors under the tutelage of Anita Taylor, Bob Davison and Paul Rosenbloom. He has been working for the last decade within the creative industries as a digital art director within marketing and advertising for some of the largest global agencies producing work for international brand names. His current location is The East End of London where lives and has a studio. Paul has been painting and producing print work that have been gaining popularity from the outset. His professional knowledge of the digital environment progressively impacts on his traditional fine art practice that he is currently engaged in.

Some of his latter work has dealt with the cruxes of manifesting the digital and virtual concepts into paintings, and attempts to solve the conundrums of translating space and dimensionality onto two dimensional surfaces i.e. painting. This also puts into question its intervention to the spectator. This work has been expressed pictorially and abstractly but nether the less in a similar oeuvre that is distinctly his style. However his work over time has departed from this theme to a more critical and analytical intensity investigating the zeitgeist of societal values and contemporary culture but never quite letting go of the virtual origins that is the starting point of all his work.

Using particular sources such as photography and images from the internet including 3d objects has allowed Paul Cummings to construct a fallacious realism by using advanced digital processes. The final images are then translated as a perfect facsimile into paintings. His work vacillates between reality and its virtual origins undecidedly never settling for one or the other. This fetishistic flattening of surface suppresses a neurotic anthropological undercurrent that is present within his works. His observations make a subtle pun on societal values but he also sublimates the banal in a precise rarified manner. His work and influences are a derivative of photo-realism and its concurrent movement hyper-realism. 

Painting / Drawing Exhibitions 

Sep 10 The Threadneedle Prize

I was one of seven artists to be short-listed for the Threadneedle prize for the best representational painting currently in the UK today. Only in its third year it is progressively becoming an important contender for art prizes in terms of prestige and critical value 
Wed 1 Sep 2010 - Sun 18 Sep

May 10 Standing On The Frontier

A group show by 13 international artists The images presented by the thirteen artists in this exhibition depict views taken on a figurative walk along the frontier between reality and the imagination
wed 1 Sepn 2010 - Sun 18 Sep

Feb 09 Trap 2 Gallery: Photo Finish

Joint exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture
Thu 5  Feb 2009 42 Mowlem Street off Vyner Street

May 06 Luvart Print Exhibition 

Art fair of screen prints and paintings
Wed 10 - Wed 17 May, 15 Newburgh st Soho W1

Dec 04 Luvart Print Exhibition 

Art fair of screen prints and paintings
Fri 3 - Sun 5 Dec, Shortditch town hall EC2

Nov 04 Luvart Print Exhibition

Screen prints and paintings
Thur 18 - Fri 28 Nov 04, 15 Newburgh st Soho W1

Dec 99 Art Futures Exhibition 

Royal Festival Hall 
sponsored by the Contemporary Art Society (Bloomberg). Exhibited of paintings depicting the crux of virtual reality spaces and architecture.

Apr 99 Royal West Academy Bristol 

Exhibition of paintings and aluminium prints depicting society and architecture.

May 98 Locations 4 Festival Of Arts Gloucester

Exhibition of latest works based on architectural themes.

Apr 98 The Gloucester Insurance Company

Loan of architectural paintings for main office suit.

Apr 98 Drawing Network

A selection of life drawings in an exhibition that toured the UK at 10 different galleries with other artists drawings.

Jan 98 Smiths Industries Aerospace

Painting commission for the main foyer of the CS-UK building. A prestigious project based on a painting to be presented to the company on their official open day. People present on that day were board of governors the Mayor of Cheltenham and the press.

Film Screenings and Multimedia

Oct 03 Exceeda

Film screening with Screening of H.E.R.O at 291Gallery by 4x4 group

Aug 03 File 2003 Festival

Exploration and critic on online global culture our website az2lab featured as a major creative example into the foray of creativity and the web   

May 03 Onedotzero

Screening of Loop robot at the ICA was in the Wow and Flutter series and invited as a speaker at the screening, topics  discussed were animation themes and global contemporary culture.

May 03 OFFF

Screening of collaborative works at the Online Film Festival Barcelona.

Mar 03 42nd Krakow Film Festival

Screening of collaborative works

Mar 01 Create Online

Review of online creativity featuring contemporary designs and animations.

Sep 00 Krakow Digital Film Festival

Show casing digital animation web based film

Apr 00 Watershed Bristol

Compiled an exhibition piece for Lymbic TV, Show casing interactive animation and sound for offline projection.

Live audio Performances

24/05/2003 ADDICTIVE TV 

With Cinefeel presents a night where club meetscinema. Screening 'Yo Punk' in this months shortlist.@ The Great Eastern Great Eastern St' London EC1

09/04/2003 Texelse Boys 

Meeting Marcel Chapman and taking home the trophy, the texelse boys bag. Amsterdamm Holland

02/04/2003 VJ/ Diesel 

Store promotion Atwerp Belgium

31/12/2002 NYP@ Play Bar 58 Old Street London EC1 V9AJ

08/05/2003 Kujin 2000 presenteert

AVE-COM FEEST @ Arnehem,  Holland

01/05/2003 OFFF2003 Media Festival

27/09/2002 VJ/ So Ften/ Kanvas, VJ event at the Play Bar 

58 Old Street London EC1 V9A

18/10/2002 VJ/.Fat Cats Get Mullered 'white collar crime'

On The Rox 25 Kingsland Road

16/10/2002 VJ/ Unscene Student turner Prize Private Party

20/09/2002 Crakow film festival digital animation web based 


10/09/2002 Hackney Radio station : Radio interview

22/08/2002 VJ/ So Ften/Kanvas, VJ event 

Play Bar Bar 58 Old Street London EC1 V9AJ

05/08-2002 VJ/HUM YUM: vibe bar

02/08/2002 VJ/ Junketeer Herbal Kingsland road E1 London 

27/07/2002 VJ/HUM YUM: Somerset

19/07/2002   VJ/Windows Art Centre Bath Somerset UK

15/07/2002     VJ/Flat Caps And Mullets Catch Bar

Kingsland road E1 London

17/5/2002      VJ/ Arnaud's Wedding party Brussels

17/5/2002      VJ/HUM YUM: Herbal Kingsland road E1 London

15/5/2002      VJ/HUM YUM: Herbal Kingsland road E1 London

3-5/3/2001     Online Flash Film Festival Barcelona Spain

18/10/2002      Cargo Kingsland Viaduct 83 Rivington Street


07/02/2003 VJ/ TO LET Play Bar 58 Old Street London EC1 V9A

01/04/2003   4x4 Presents visual art that dissents radically in form. 

Screening 'Yo Punk' in this month shortlist. @291Gallery Hackney RD East London


09/2010 The Threadneedle Prize  The Independant News Website

09/2010 The Threadneedle Prize  BBC News Website

09/2010 The Threadneedle Prize Catalogue

01/2004 Xfuns Design Magazine

05/2003 Onedotzero7 Programme Guide 2003

10/2002 Blue Print, VJs, The new kings of culture.

09/2002 A commercial shift, shift magazine

08/2002 Create Online, Future publishing: 01/04/2002 diesel DVD, featuring a movie.

07/2001 Computer Arts special: Advanced flash special tutorial

03/2001 Creative Review, Centaur Communications Ltd: featured on CD-ROM


Painting and drawing, Fine art Critical Theory, Screen Printing,
Art Direction, Visual Communication, Digital Illustration, Multimedia, Web interface design, 2D and 3D vector Animation, Multi-bandwidth publishing, Story Boarding, Video editing, Audio creation.

Specific Software Skills

Flash MX, Dream weaver MX, Fireworks MX, Freehand 9, HTML, Photoshop 7.0, Adobe Illustrator 10, Swift 3D 3, 3D Studio Max, Reactor, Cinema 4D, Xfrog, After Effects 5, Final Cut Pro 3, Premiere 6.5, Audio Mulch, Acid 2.0, Microsoft Windows OS, Mac OS,